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Seeing as I have made up my mind to take blogging seriously for the 100th time (closes eye in shame), I thought it will be nice to do flashbacks of some of my blog posts from www.titiajblog.wordpress.com . Also, this will serve as a reminder of where I’m coming from in my blogging journey 🙂 

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I came across this template from one of my favourite bloggers This is ess which was originally made by pip’s blog and its a pretty cool activity to engage one’s self in every now and then. In my opinion its a great way to take a break and really get the most out of every moment, because as humans we get caught up in a lot of stuff that we fail to appreciate the memories and people around us at every given instant. I think i’ll keep it as a series.

Making : a conscious effort to find beauty and positivity in the most difficult situations. “Life doesn’t happen to you; it responds to you.”
Cooking : Eating a little better than I was a few weeks ago.
Drinking: a lot of water lately

Wanting: to start a decent makeup collection
Looking: forward to 23rd March..

Sewing: hair units
Wishing: money grew on trees
Enjoying: being lazy, living in the moment and having people in my life who challenge me to be better and do more every single day.
Wondering: how to grow my blog
Lovingpanda song

Hoping: to finish part of my coursework before the easter break is over
Considering: how important perspective and kindness are
Marvelling: at God’s faithfulness in recent times
Needing: Nothing much. more hugs and kisses for the most part.
Smelling: Lancome la vie est belle perfume
Wearing: my natural hair in a bun. well deserved break from weave struggle.

Noticing: April is just around the corner.. that was quick
Knowing: that everything happens for a reason and in it’s own time. I just have to keep that in mind.

Creating: some fun DIY ! I’m sure I’ll be sharing some of them with you guys.

Thinking: and reminding myself that life is a journey, not a destination. It’s so important that we make smart decision for our future but also that we get to live in the moment and enjoy it fully. Sometimes I get so lost in the future that I choose not to focus on enjoying the present. Life is a journey.

Cringing: at Johnny Nash’s personality
Feeling: the need to make a brag sheet to serve as a reminder of what makes me awesome when the need arises because sometimes life can get the best of you and you start doubt yourself a little. You know?

Opening: YouTube to watch Breeny Lee Celibacy story. she’s such an incredible young lady and beautiful

Giggling: at a video I stumbled on twitter Northern boys are up to something

Snacking: on haribos and strawberry chewy. it’s almost a bad habit
Helping: Ella
Hearing: simba’s terrible singing. Not the pretty tuneful kind at all.
Feeling: grateful for my friends #Archi Fam. I feel like I’ve reached that stage in life that I can really enjoy and appreciate my relationship with them. They’re amazing.


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