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Hi, hello

Seeing as I have made up my mind to take blogging seriously for the 100th time (closes eye in shame), I thought it will be nice to do flashbacks of some of my blog posts from www.titiajblog.wordpress.com . Also, this will serve as a reminder of where I’m coming from in my blogging journey 🙂 

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Hello there,

Ever wondered other alternatives when you run out of baby wipes, makeup wipes or another thing you use to take off makeup? well not to worry, in a minute you’ll get to see other options which are probably lying around the house that can substitute.  the don’t just get rid of the makeup but are also good on the skin 🙂 I’ve gone ahead to do a demonstration with coconut oil as well.

Quick demonstration on how i took off  matte liquid lipsticks using coconut oil and wipes.

The last image is the end result!

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